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"Spread Love" By Jayla McClain
"Spread Love" By Jayla McClain
"Spread Love" By Jayla McClain

"Spread Love" By Jayla McClain


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"Spread Love" by Bushwick local rising star Jayla McClain was released publicly on March 3. 2024 via! This painting is 30"x40" on canvas.

The painting "Spread Love" was inspired by a scourge of negativity Jayla has observed recently in the world. Jayla realized this moment was an opportunity to use her talents to promote positivity, in her words "if we spread positivity the world will be a better place. The hearts represent spreading love around the world." The vibrant color palette Jayla selected signifies the bright light of hope for a better tomorrow. 

Jayla is a 16 year old artist who expresses a wide range of emotions through her artworks, connecting her works to real world issues. Jayla is focusing on progressing and learning as an artist while advancing the reach of her top quality art. Jayla's ultimate goal is to become a world renowned professional artist.

BeerCanvas met Jayla at the Bushwick Collective Block Party in 2023 and have been following Jayla's journey as an artist ever since. We are proud to be the first gallery showing Jayla's artworks!

Artwork is ready to ship upon purchase, please inquire with any questions to!

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of artwork!