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That "Kobe Statue" Glass by Vakseen
That "Kobe Statue" Glass by Vakseen

That "Kobe Statue" Glass by Vakseen


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That "Kobe Statue" Glass featuring artwork by the legendary Vakseen was released into the wild on 2/8/24 exclusively through This special glass celebrates Kobe's statue unveiling on 2/8/24 outside of the arena where he brought 5 championships to the city of Los Angeles.

This is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas and the legendary #Vakseen !

This rocks glass with a gold flaked brim features brilliant original artwork by Vakseen. This masterpiece features an abstract portrait of Kobe holding a basketball, and if you look closely you will see a tear coming from his eye. Vakseen is an multi disciplinary artist and a rising star on the art scene, who has taken his craft from the sound studios to the canvas, and will continue propagating around the world for years to come!

This is our 1st time collaborating with Vakseen, and certainly will not be our last!

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of art in the form of glassware!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glassware will only be produced once!