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That "MICHAEL JORDAN" Glass by John L Hill
That "MICHAEL JORDAN" Glass by John L Hill

That "MICHAEL JORDAN" Glass by John L Hill


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That "MICHAEL JORDAN" Glass featuring artwork by the legendary John L Hill was released into the wild on 8/27/23 exclusively through

This is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas and the legendary #JohnLHill !

This 16 can glass with a gold flaked brim features a brilliant original portrait titled "MICHAEL JORDAN" by John Hill. This masterpiece showcases a blend of hyper realism and abstraction, a signature of John L Hill's esteemed "Work In Progress" series. John L Hill is a self taught artist who's magnificent work has taken the art world by storm and has joined iconic art collections including those of Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson.

This is our 1st time collaborating with John L Hill, and certainly will not be our last!

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of art in the form of glassware!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glassware will only be produced once!