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"Lily's Glass" by Surface of Beauty

"Lily's Glass" by Surface of Beauty


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"Lily's Glass" featuring brilliant artwork by Surface of Beauty was released into the wild on 2/13/22 exclusively through

This is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas and the legendary #SurfaceOfBeauty !

This special project is a tribute to our precious newborn baby daughter Lily. This glass features 2 sets of vibrant Lily flowers flanking 2 centered Roses. The beautiful arrangement of Lily flowers symbolize our daughter coming into our world, and the Roses between them symbolize our family Matriarch Grammy Rose, who was nicknamed "Lily" by our late Great-Grandmother Anna. When asked why she would call Rose "Lily", Nana Anna replied "because Lilies are prettier than Roses". This deeply meaningful composition is displayed on a 16 oz can glass with a gold flaked brim.

This is our 1st time collaborating with the Surface of Beauty and certainly will not be our last!

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of art in the form of glassware!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glassware will only be produced once!