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"The Dragon" Glass by Xerox

"The Dragon" Glass by Xerox


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"The Dragon" glass featuring artwork by the legendary Xerox was released into the wild on 11/20/22 exclusively through

This is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas and the legendary #Xerox !

This 16oz can glass with a gold flaked brim features Xerox's iconic hyper realism colored pencil portrait of Bruce Lee!

Xerox is a prominent New York based artist who's iconic hyper realistic pieces have been featured in art battles across the country! Xerox's artwork is part of a select class of hyper realist artists, particularly in the colored pencil medium. Xerox's artwork will continue propagating around the world for years to come! 

This is our 1st time collaborating with Xerox and certainly will not be our last!

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of art in the form of glassware!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glassware will only be produced once!