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That Low Brow Glass
That Low Brow Glass

That Low Brow Glass


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That Low Brow glass was released into the wild on 5/18/2019 via

This glass is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas and the legendary artique #LowBrowNYC. 

This can glass features the iconic, original artwork from Low Brow's founder, Bishop203 aka JAT.

Anyone familiar with the NYC graffiti/street art movement knows about Brooklyn's top paint shop - Low Brow. They have been open for 7 years, carrying any and every street art necessity.

Experts have estimated that over 85% of the graffiti/street art seen in Brooklyn came straight outta Low Brow.

Rare cellar drops of BeerCanvas glassware have already been found at Low Brow (on a good day), so partnering on this glass was a no brainer!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glass will only be produced once!