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That MiTroopers Art Basel 2018 Glass

That MiTroopers Art Basel 2018 Glass


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That MiTroopers glass was initially released into the wild on 12/7/2018 at MiTroopers' Art Basel wall in Wynwood.

This glass is the first collaboration between @beercanvas and the incredibly talented Wynwood based artist, @mitroopers. 

MiTrooper is a highly recognizable character within the street art community and his symbolic image has permeated throughout the U.S. and world. 

The glasses released at MiTrooper's Art Basel wall have sold out. However, a very limited number of glasses are available for purchase here (as of 12/12).

You can contact @mitrooper directly for original paintings via social media. 

This terribly rare glass will only be produced once, enjoy!