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That Tale of 2 Cities Glass
That Tale of 2 Cities Glass

That Tale of 2 Cities Glass


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That Tale of 2 Cities glass was released into the wild on Christmas Day 2019 (12/25/19) exclusively through and

This glass is a collaboration between #BeerCanvas , #17PercentDrip and the legendary #Murrz

This glass features Murrz's signature style of artwork depicting Arnold and Gerald from "Hey Arnold!" draped in gear famously associated with the Notorious B.I.G. and Childish Gambino (respectively).

This piece is an ode to Murrz's personal journey as an artist, as she makes her mark in the Chicago art community after her incredible rise in the NYC art scene.

Murrz's first Chicago solo exhibition, "All In Due Time", debuts January 17th at The Annex located on West Chicago Ave in the heart of the city

This is also BeerCanvas' first collab with our Texas beer family from 17% Drip! They are an up-and-coming craft beer lifestyle brand killing the game right now, check out their website and get Dripped out!!

You may also recognize 17% Drip as an esteemed guest on the Destination Beer Shares Tour founded by BeerCanvas, The Dallas Beer Squad, Beer Zombies, and Maryland Mob. 

We are beyond excited to bring you this original piece of artwork in the form of a glass!

A very limited number of glasses will be available for purchase.

This terribly rare glass will only be produced once!